The mission of the Mount Ashland Ski Patrol is to manage and, where possible, reduce the natural risks and liabilities of skiing or snowboarding inbounds at Mount Ashland. Risk management at Mount Ashland takes many forms:

  • Educating the public
  • Marking hazards
  • Maintaining ski area boundaries, signs, banners and closures
  • Being prepared to evacuate chairlifts in the event of mechanical or power failure
  • Having Search-and-Rescue capability
  • Having avalanche rescue capability
  • Assessing avalanche hazards
  • Controlling avalanche conditions, including explosive control
  • Providing first aid and transport to people who may be sick or injured
  • Keeping a “patroller’s eye” on every aspect of the Mount Ashland operation

The Mount Ashland Ski Patrol works closely with all Mount Ashland departments to further our mission throughout the organization. In return, everyone on the Mountain gives the Patrol a lot of support. The Lift Department, in particular, is the logistical powerhouse on Mount Ashland. They bring the skills and the engines to make the Ski Patrol’s transport mission possible.

The Mount Ashland Ski Patrol is a member Patrol of the National Ski Patrol (NSP). Patrollers are certified in Outdoor Emergency Care and other specialties, by the NSP. Some Patrollers are additionally certified in Ski Patrol specialties by the Association of Professional Patrollers.